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About Us

Do you need to restore your soul?


A healing space for those of us in healthcare 

  • Come Unwind
  • Let Go
  • Commune 
  • Heal

Take Time for YOU and attend an Unwound Retreat


Each event is a unique experience offering a series of healing art modalities like:

yoga, meditation, breathwork and healing touch.  

The retreats are held in the privacy of my home, creating a safe space for us all to come together.

Founder, Nicole Johnson, RN, BSN, CCRN


“I have attended 2 of Nicole’s events for nurses and both have been amazing. Nicole has been warm and welcoming and has put great care into curating the events. The breathwork and yoga facilitators have been intuitive and nurturing as well. As nurses, it’s so important to recognize our own needs to decompress and rejuvenate, and being able to do this in a setting of other nurses and healthcare workers who “get it” has been really impactful for me. I’m grateful that Nicole is thoughtfully carving out some time and space for nurses to care for themselves. I’m excited to attend more of Nicole’s events in the future.”

Unwound Retreats is founded by Critical Care Nurse Nicole Johnson, RN, BSN, CCRN.  

The mission of Unwound Retreats is to offer ongoing events for healthcare providers to create restoration and healing from burnout and foster resiliency. 


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The next event will be in January.

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